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A look into last season and what to expect this season at NAYFC.

We recently spoke to Bernie from NAYFC about his thoughts of the last season and what to expect going into the next season of football at NAYFC.

Bernie said “It was great to have a full season, all the ones before this were disrupted due to the pandemic. So, to have a full season of football was great.” The under 12 girls' team and the under 23 boys' team had a successful year with Bernie telling us many of his team members were promoted and achieved the targets they had set for themselves. “The players have really been consolidating what they have learnt, and they have thrived. It was great to see.”

Looking forward to next year, Bernie is expecting to see a similar success for many of his teams. “We will enter 20 new teams into leagues. 10 junior boys' teams, 1 under 23 men's team, 9 girls' teams and 1 woman's team.

They will all be getting entered a couple of different leagues, including TJFA league, Russell Foster league and Durham FA league.” Bernie is excited to see how the new teams adapt to the new leagues and watch them thrive in their game.

Bernie is excited to see three new teams come into fruition at NAYFC. The new teams will be under 10 girls and under 7/8 girls. Bernie said “It will be great to see these teams. They are taking a step into the complete unknown. I’m excited to see how they develop and grow into their positions.”

“All of the teams will be playing on the improved pitch at the OakLeaf sports complex which we received from the Football Foundation Grant. This has massively improved our pitch which will mean more agile playing from our teams, which will be great to see.”

The next season looks very exciting for NAYFC with new teams coming available and exciting new leagues to conquer.

To enquire for slots in our teams, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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