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Kenyan Project
Bostol Newtonians FC
After meeting a football coach on a holiday to Mombasa in Kenya- in November 2021, he explained that he was providing football coaching to his local community. These children and their families barely have money to live, never mind the cost of playing football.

The coach had nothing, other than an area to train on and 2 well-worn footballs. At that time, he was coaching over 30 children from 7 -16 years old, but it was keeping them away from bad company and drugs.


He was also using his influence and the offer of football, to encourage the children to attend school (no school – no football) and was working closely with the local head teachers.



These children and their families barely have money to live, never mind the cost of playing football.
Image by Nathan Rogers

We quickly found out that sending our old football equipment was uneconomical, as a small 5kg parcel required £70 to the parcel company and £20 insurance but £75 was added to this for import duty into Kenya, even though this was a gift. 

Therefore, we have raised funds from...

  • Directly from donations from the football club

  • Newton Aycliffe Rotary Club – Presentation at one of their meetings

  • Football Cards – Club Presentation sessions 

  • Just giving page set up and publicised

  • Individual donations


We sent the money we raised to the coach. He then purchases locally and photographed the items that he bought along with a receipt which is sent to accounts here in Newton Aycliffe via Whatsapp to prove he has spent the money as agreed.

Our fundraising has purchased strips, 2nd hand football boots, goals, training equipment and footballs. We have even supported a couple of boys with school fees. 

As word has spread more children are attending the football coaching sessions and in any one day, there can be as many as 90 children attended across several sessions. All are managed by the coach, by himself, or with a little help from the older boys.

The funds initially allowed the boys to play friendlies in the local area, walking as much as 1hr each way, to play a game of football. Other teams were now making contact and offering games as far away as Mombasa, which although is only 30 minutes by bus away, most children have never been near the city. 

Image by Nathan Rogers

The next big adventure started in September 2023 when we supported an u13 and under 15 teams to start playing in a Kenyan Affiliated league, playing against other teams in the area.


However, the final decision was to hold all games in a central venue in Mombasa. Although the cost of £35 per trip to play their league games, which includes bread and water to feed the lads, is not a lot, it does dig into the funds we have.


Then 20 November 2023 a major flood in the area, washed away the goalposts as well as flooded the coaches' house and lots of the equipment was lost. So, we start again.

However, this has meant that the coach and our football club are more determined than ever to continue to raise funds, to ensure these boys and girls play football rather than walk the streets  If you would like to donate, hit the button below...

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